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AtMySiteNow is a Community  to help Authors how to effectively market their work Online and Offline.
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One of the problems many writers are confronted with, especially Self-published, is exposure to their market. Social Media has offered a great resource to REACH many people.

We push our posts out to seven different social networks plus having it located on our own site. We have also integrated Social Sharing to make it easier for a visitor to share what they find with their circle of influence thereby enlarging the reach even further and getting your book in front of more eyes. It is quite possible for a single person to share with their original 500 friends and have that go viral to thousands within 24 hours.

Included in our Multi-Network Promotions and on our site for a full six months. Book cover image linked to the site of your choice and we ask for no commissions on any sales referred to you. This service is about getting you and your work spread across the Internet to help you build a following of your writing.

Sure, we have other services we offer and would consider it a blessing to be able to provide those services to you, but this page is about promoting YOU and YOUR BOOK!

So Let’s Start This Year Right! Sign up below, fill in the form and we will handle the rest!

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