What and Who Are We?

AtMySiteNow is a Community  to help Authors how to effectively market their work Online and Offline.
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AtMySiteNow.com is dedicated to the ongoing development of our own imagination and the improvement of our own minds. While video seems to take over online, we believe there is nothing quite as stimulating as a well-written book. A simple book can stimulate the senses well beyond that of video in ways video can never do. Written words stimulate the imagination, the video format simply portrays what the creator wants you to see.

The author can describe a scene, but it is your own mind that develops the ‘image’ of that scene in your mind’s eye.

When a peaceful surrounding is called out in writing, for example, it is your own interpretation of what you see as a peaceful surrounding, not so much the writer’s that generates the mental imagery.

This site was created so that today’s writers can have a solid foundation to provide samples of their artistry as well as an avenue of promotion for their latest works, their websites and their bios. We want to provide great writer’s a good format to present their works and not curb or restrict their creativity (or your’s).

We welcome any and all suggestions and invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter where we will be providing a digest of new additions to our site.

Resources include the weekly Podcast, informative articles by specialists in various areas of Writing, Publishing, Marketing and Selling,, and the encouragement of active engagement in the comment sections of “blog” posts.

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